Development Center

Our development server currently located on SSH listening on port 443. Working servers located in


Repository bank located in


Notes about working with *nix systems.

Clone repository

To clone repository from DC, you should run:

git clone ssh://username@

You must have an account on DC. If you are cloning repository to DC, use address.

After that, you can pull and push your changes to it. You have to check your permission rights before.

Create repository

Remote repository to DC

On DC create empty bare repository

cd /d/is-site/repositories
git init --bare ./reponame.git

On remote create repository, add files, commit them, add remote url and push to DC:

cd /reponame
git init
git add -A
git commit -m "init commit"
git remote add origin ssh:// 
git push origin master

Local repository

To create repository from folder

cd /path/to/folder
git init
git clone --bare . /d/is-site/repositories/repname.git